Friday, 22 March 2013

My Beloved Colt

As I was writing “No Gentleman Is He” with my co-author, Carley Bauer, I had a clear vision of what Colton Rolfe, my main character, looked like. Even though Cassandra Brooks, the female heroine, was Carley’s character, I also knew exactly what she looked like too. I lived with these characters for months, day and night, and knew their histories, even though not all the details were written down.
When I looked for a photo for anyone who could represent Colton, I couldn’t find any that accurately portrayed him. I guess it was because he was so well defined in my mind that he became a living entity. As such, because he was indeed fictional except in my head, there were no photos of him and I would never be happy with any image I found to represent this enigmatic man.
So, what I had to do is find two photos, and simply say, Colton Rolfe is a combination of these two men pictured here as I pictured him for all that time. I still see him that way, and probably always will.
He is an old friend that finally moved on, and so must I. Now he belongs to the world…which, by the way, he would hate.
How did you picture him? Can you find any photos that most closely resemble how you pictured him as you read? Can you describe him? This goes for Cassandra Brooks too, his most beloved woman. If you could picture her as you read, please leave a description of her too. Would love to hear how you saw them.