Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sizzlin’ Summer Reads; Suspense and Romance at Its Best!

My favorite story is one where there is not only action, suspense and thrills, but an underlying plot of two people from opposite spectrums coming together through trials and tribulations.

These aspects of a story are important in romance. It adds depth to the characters, adds to the action and the motives behind the character’s actions to make a story believable and exciting.
Cassandra and Colton come from opposing backgrounds, and yet they feel a mutual attraction that shouldn’t exist on the surface. It’s through Cassandra’s longing to escape what society expects from her that fights with her sense of adventure. Instead of 1775, she would have been completely at home with being a modern woman in a life that proved her equal to any challenge that came her way, far ahead of her time; hungry for such challenges that were discouraged and believed women were incapable.

Colton Rolfe, ancestor of John Rolfe who married Pocahontas, was a man who believed most women should be kept in their place, incapable of intelligence equal to a man’s nor handling the job he gave to Cassandra, normally a man’s domain. In fact, he was counting on her defeat and exile back to her home in England. Bitter from his father’s and neighboring plantation owners’ treatment of him because he inherited his great, great grandmother’s Native American appearance, he found it hard to trust anyone but Jackson Lee, a childhood friend.

How could Cassandra break through a lifetime of taunting and racism to get as close to this man?

Through the outbreak of war with England, battle, treachery and distrust, their mutual attraction and admiration gradually grew, until the final scene at the hot springs in Virginia, where they each knew if they loved each other, they had to accept each other as they were. Cassandra, hungry for adventure, intelligent, capable of deep, abiding love, loyal and capable of fighting for what she wanted, and Colton, a man longing to be loved while distrusting that love, needing to be whole and complete. He was the only man who gave her all that she craved, who fulfilled the needs she never realized she had.

He sought her forgiveness and her hand in the only way he knew how, and in a manner that would terrorize or infuriate any woman, except Cassandra, who realized life with Colton meant a lifetime of excitement and uncertainty. They both knew they would challenge each other to the limit, only to come out the other side of conflict stronger and more deeply connected.

“No Gentleman Is He” is the proverbial story of self-discovery, the underlying theme of this exciting, suspenseful and action packed story of The American Revolution. 
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